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How does wooden door check and accept what is the standard that check and accept

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The trap that household decorates one after another, this also is the thing that owner fears most.
Do sufficient homework only before decorating, understand to master the key point in decorating, the method that knows to decorate check and accept and standard, each owner just can better avoid trap, safeguard his rights and interests.
In the various acceptance of the decoration project, the wooden door installation acceptance can be said to directly affect the life of everyone later, if the installation is not in place, need to repair, return to the factory,Custom Shutters both time and effort, so how to wooden door acceptance?
What are the acceptance criteria?
Below and small make up together to learn the next wooden door acceptance of the five points!
One, quality of wooden door wants eligible above all the stuff inside door leaf wants full, the wooden strip that door edge plane repairs should be joined firmly with inside frame, adornment face plate and frame also need bond firm, and without become warped edge, crack.
The board surface shall be smooth and clean without any defects such as knot, bug eye, crack and rot spot. The thickness of the board surface shall not be less than 3mm.
In addition, the texture should be clear and beautiful.
Two, check the door door to square, not warping deformation phenomenon, check whether the door can just fit into the door frame, and the door frame, if the door and the door frame gap is too large, then the installation of wooden door is not allowed to planing or the door frame and the ground is not vertical.
In this case, the door shall be removed and re-planed. If the wooden door frame is not vertical, Custom Shutters Wholesale the shim shall be straightened in the wooden door frame plate.
Three, check the location of the hinge to be accurate, installation to be strong.
If the hinge is not correct, then it will lead to the door and frame cover, wooden door switch is not smooth.
At this time, it is necessary to screw down a screw for each hinge, and then adjust the anastomosis between the wooden door and the frame, and then tighten all the screws after the adjustment and repair.
Additional, the open direction of the door also should accord with a requirement.
Four, check the door lock, lock to be successful, and lock in the door and the door frame on the two parts need to be consistent.
Door lock is installed improperly, can cause door leaf switch not freely.
The slotting of the door lock should be accurate and standard, and its size should be consistent with the lock body and lock plate.
The installation of the door lock should be tight, no abnormal sound when opening the lock.
In addition, door lock fittings wants to install all ready, fixed screw all should install complete, level.
Door suction, door closer, handle and so on need to be installed in the specified position, and firmly installed.
Five, the door cover to have the basic level material door cover should be made in the wood frame, plane plane, plane straight, and then assembly molding installation on the wall, Custom Shutters Factory and then cover the basic level plate and decorative panel.
Knock wooden door to cover side board with the hand, if send out empty drumbeat, explain bottom layer does not have the base course plank such as mat joinery board, should dismantle redo.