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How to avoid error of wooden door choose and buy ably

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Remember the earliest time, the wooden door that USES in the home is decorated craftsman spot to make mostly.Later, with the refinement of the home building materials market, the market began to appear finished door sales.Now, the development of the wooden door industry has burst out full of vitality.Among them, wooden door with its environmental protection, healthy characteristic, all the time by broad consumer love, so how should wooden door choose?Today, small make up for you to introduce the skills of it.One,Faux wood Shutter the 3 big error area wood door of choose and buy of wooden door choose and buy area 1: real wood door is not complete it is real wood furniture, real wood floor is the symbol that identity and life grade is same, real wood door also is a birth to be chased after hold in both hands greatly.And the concept controversy about real wood still is not clear and white up to now, the concept of door of solid wood door, solid wood door, solid wood compound door, mould pressing wood door often lets consumer zhang er monk is confused.Understand from the Angle of consumer, real wood door is with log it is only material and same tree is planted make, do not have man-made board, do not stick skin, do not have the wooden door that press film to make and become.If do not resemble 4 seasons beautiful home to pass strict quality to check a process so, the real wood door that a lot of consumer discover him to buy a home begins to be out of shape half a year later, craze even.Appear this kind of circumstance, it is partial manufacturer to save cost mostly, with firm and not tough miscellaneous wood is filled cause wooden door day long craze.Additional as a result of the physical characteristic of lumber itself, if manufacturer dehydration is not clean, begin to produce, Faux wood Shutter Wholesale bring about wooden door to be out of shape easily and blowout.So the four seasons home will be dry wood processing.Mistake area of wooden door choose and buy 2: the price of tag and blame the total price of the door wooden door market analyst when visiting in building materials market, the label that sees on door of a teak wood in a wooden door exclusive shop is writing 4550 yuan/square metre, think for granted that this covers a door price to be 4550 yuan, actually otherwise.The price of whole wood door includes 3 parts: price of door leaf, doorcase price and wood line price.Door leaf is the main body of the door, price by smooth rice;The door frame includes both front and rear sides and is calculated in circumference;The wood line is the combined part of the package around the door frame and the wall, priced in meters.In addition, the price of solid wood door and solid wood compound door does not include hardware lock.Of course, if it is marked to hit the compound real wood door of special price already included 3 parts price, the customer needs to buy door lock only then.Wooden door choose and buy mistake 3: “pear” is not hainan pear small make up to see some years ago about wooden door species lawsuit, store on the door of the logo is “pear wood”, consumers think is hainan huanghua pear, after purchase spot is not on the court;The sales assistant said that during the sales process, the customer was informed that the product was guyisumu (the scientific name of huahua pear in Brazil).This shows, Faux wood Shutter Factory mu seed is planted mark confusion, guide buys the problem that the explanation is not in place, misdirect consumer is not without.As we have learned, there is enterprise of a few wooden door to replace precious wood with similar lumber on market at present to plant, if Brazil spends pear to pretend to be burman spends pear, their price differs one time above.The most likely to be confused are hainan huanghuali, myanmar huanghuali and Brazil huanghuali or African huanghuali.https://www.lfamoy.com/