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The distinction of whole wood door and real wood door master these to be able to distinguish

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Any place is in need of a door, the door of general household environment is mostly choose woodiness, after all, it is a facade, is an important part of the new decoration should be found, when the door of choose and buy wood door alone to the market there are a lot of kinds, these people don’t know will struggle, unable to make a choice,PVC Louver in order to help you quickly recognize them, then introduce the difference between full wooden door and real wood door, I believe you finish reading the article can separate.Actually whole wood door belongs to a small classification of real wood door, because real wood door is divided into whole wood, half bo and whole bo 3 kinds to both specific characteristic, can have detailed introduction below.All wooden door is the door plank of all material is wood, not metal, glass, etc., it is usually made of all-natural logs to heart door, balance layer use plywood instead of density board, its characteristic is very natural environmental protection, and is very stable, also has a lot of choices on the styles, can meet the different needs of different consumers.All wooden door may some worry that it can not stand, in fact this is completely unnecessary, the craft is very advanced, can make whole wood door is very strong, strong, not deformation, and after choosing this door can be sprayed on the raw materials professional pest control agent, after all the details are carefully polishing processing, and then painted, so, the whole wooden door occurred when a few bug eat by moth.All wooden door in the producers is relatively complex, because the most natural raw materials to go through all kinds of paint and delicate splicing processing to achieve effect, leave to 3 primer paint process, paint finish, 7 July, and must use environmental protection paint, splicing processing time must guarantee pure whole wood assembled log, no refers to pick up, so the material cost is relatively high.Said to the above, there are three kinds of solid wooden door, wooden door all of them have introduced,PVC Louver Wholesale but real wood raw materials are natural wood or solid wood line, and generally choose is rare wood, the final products also have many advantages, such as deformation, corrosion resistance, strong stability, etc., a further advantage of solid wood furniture, of course, is the natural environmental protection.The grain of real wood door nature can let a person feel the greatness of nature, and its service life is very long also, actually whole wood door and the distinction of real wood door do not have too big, everybody can go according to his demand choose and buy.https://www.lfamoy.com/